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Change Your Writing, Change Your SEO : WordPress Themes

 Sometimes, it’s very difficult for people to accept changes in the way that search engines categorize content. After all, many businesses invested a lot of time and money in search engine optimizing their sites, only to find out that a lot of the work they did was completely useless after the advent of Panda and Penguin. Premium WordPress themes are generally set up to do exactly what Google wants you to do, provided you understand what that is and how you use your WordPress theme to accomplish it.

First Things First

The first thing that you want to do to accommodate the new rules for search engine optimization is to take your list of keywords and all the alternates you came up with and put it aside for a moment. Stop writing for search engines. Start writing for people. This is what Google wants you to do.

Your keywords will flow naturally into your content as you write about it. In today’s world, this is a good way to go about achieving your desired keyword frequency. Whenever the word pops up naturally and whenever that word actually serves a purpose within the content, you’ve gotten good keyword density out of it.

Use the Features

If you’re using a professional WordPress theme, you’ll generally find that it will come with a lot of features that allow you to easily categorize posts, tag posts, alter the meta-tags on those posts and more. You’re going to want to start using all of these features. Instead of thinking of yourself as an Internet marketer, think of yourself as a librarian. What you’re trying to do is use every indexing feature available to you to make the information that you provide as easy to find as possible. It needs to be easy to find for the search engines and it needs to be easy to find for your users.

Explore your WordPress theme. Take a look at the different features and learn how to use each one of them. In today’s world, search engine optimization is really an effort that you have to tackle by providing a better blog than your competition. Your better blog has to have better information, better organization and better navigation than your competitors. This is one of the reasons that using professional WordPress themes is generally a good idea. It gives you the advantage of using a theme that has the plug-ins you need to accomplish these goals already built in and ready to go.