SMM Mistakes

Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Shouldn’t Forget About

 There are social media marketing experts around the world that are banging their heads against brick walls whilst trying to explain to people the finer points of social media marketing. Meanwhile there are other people who make up their own rules as they go along, and give the world advice based upon what sound plausible. Just because something sounds plausible does not make it true, just like saying the world is flat because it looks that way does not make it true.

Social media is supposed to be sociable

It was not designed for commercial use. Even Google+, which is probably the most commercially orientated social media site, still has a massive chunk of its focus directed towards the user. Google+ learnt that you cannot focus on the commercial side via its previous failures at trying to create a social media website. You will never direct sell something from social media without using their affiliate program. You cannot go onto social media and be promotionally focused because you will be ignored.

Direct sell apps or installations don’t work

We all hear about apps and plugins that can add a direct sell function to Facebook or Twitter. They are installed, they work, and all of a sudden, every shyster and malware site is boasting about it. Ask yourself why the world’s largest social media sites would allow you to turn their site into a second-rate eBay. The only reason that these plugins, applications, add-ons (call them what you will) work is because the social media admin staff have not finished cutting it from their system. Direct selling via your fan page or profile is a direct contravention of Twitter and Facebook rules. You are buying yourself a one-way ticket to banned-ville.

You must have a game plan

Say it to yourself a hundred times and then write it down one hundred times and paste it on your walls. Because the time you spend doing that will save you the massive wedge of hours you will otherwise waste on social media. Social media is the bop-it game for people with an internet connection. You can waste hundreds of hours (literally) on social media, and come away with little more than if you had been playing the bop-it game for hours.

You must have a long-term plan that is more quantifiable than simply “Improve my websites SEO” but succinct enough that you will not need to interpret it every time you work on your social media campaign. You must have an overall long-term goal. You must then create smaller goals that will help you achieve the bigger goal. The smaller goals each need their own plan before you even touch your social media site. If you are not working on the basis of a plan, then you are wasting time. It will not matter how many friends you acquire online, or how many people follow you. Those efforts will be wasted if you are not making an effort to work with your plan to achieve a goal.

Things that look productive via social media (gaining friends, links, etc) are never useful unless they are part of one of your smaller plans. Using social media without any form of plan is probably the biggest mistake that people using social media make, and it is responsible for a frightening amount of wasted staff hours on social media.

Negative comments or criticism is a PR killer

Every now and again, a company/firm will be using social media (for whatever reason) and will make a negative comment or criticism. If it goes unnoticed then the faux pas is forgotten and the company is off the hook. If the comment is noticed then it creates a lot of negative PR, which penetrates far deeper than any social media tracking software is going to tell you. Worse still is when the company discovers that the negative comment caused a higher rate of response and online chatter, and some senior executive decides that every now and again you should add some negative comments to cause a stir. The stir does occur and people do talk about your comments, but it has no positive effects at all–not all publicity is good publicity in this case.