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15 Best Off-Page SEO Practices To Boost Your Website Rankings

 Off-Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not something you are supposed to indulge in. Google would prefer it if your links and positive comments were the results of your appreciative fan base, but most websites is not that popular. Therefore, people manipulate the Michigan SEO factors that are not under their direct control in the same way that on-page  Michigan SEO Company is.
Here are thirteen ways that you can manipulate your external (off-page) SEO. The list is not ranked in any order, since ideally you would have all of these aspects in your marketing campaign.

 1 – Blogging

Setting up a blog and linking from it is a good off-page SEO method. It allows you to raise the SEO value of your blog and then use that value to influence the SEO Michigan value of your website. The good thing about blogs is that you can upload lots of textual content, which search engines love, whereas websites are often difficult to upload content onto in the same routine manner.

 2 – Pay Per Click advertising

Here you can set up adverts that link directly you your site for a powerful (albeit temporary) SEO benefit. PPC advertising is fairly cheap to set up, and even a small budget can sustain a campaign for a week or two.

 3 – Articles

Uploading articles onto article sites means that you can link from your own content. If you are clever, you will create articles based around the same themes as your website, so that your links anchor text has a higher SEO value.

 4 – Social Media Mentions

This can be anything from likes, to links, to people simply mentioning your website or brand name. They do not have a massive SEO benefit, but can be quite helpful if you get a lot of mentions at one time. It indicates to the search engines that your web pages may contain useful information.

 5 – Guest Posting

Here you get to use the power of another person’s blog, such as his or her high PageRank or Alexa rank. You give them a blog post to attract traffic, in return for them allowing you to link from their blog to your website.

 6 – Legitimate Directories

There are legitimate directories that are recognized by Google. You can buy a place on those directories, and gain a link to your website as a result. The link has an SEO benefit, and there is a chance you will get some direct traffic from the directory itself.

 7 – Forums

Getting involved with forums and then linking from them is a good way of gaining a few backlinks to your site. Just so long as the forum is followed by Google you will be okay. You should also check to make sure that links are allowed on the forum first.

 8 – Link Exchange

A reciprocal link swap may be a very slow way to gain links, but often results in long lasting links. This is because you control their link and they control yours. They have every reason to maintain your link if you make sure to maintain theirs.

 9 – Question and answer pages

Yahoo! Questions and Answers pages allow you to submit answers to user questions. If you give the answer that the user picks then any link you install will become active, which gives it an SEO value.

 10 – Content sharing

This involves any form of legitimate sharing, from using the share widgets on your blog, to Re-tweets. If the shared content is correctly referenced and links back to the original then you should not be penalized for duplicate content (check the rules before you do it though).

 11 – Comment sections

Adding a link into a comment section may not do you any favors if the webmaster does not allow links. If he or she does then it is a good way of gaining links from other domains.

 12 – Classified adverts submissions

Some of them are kind enough to allow you to install a link in your advert. If you are smart enough to find these free ads then take advantage of them. But do not abuse them, since their admin staffs is often very trigger-happy when it comes to suspending accounts.

 13 – Scan for people copying your content

You must do this upon occasion because if someone else copies your content you cannot be sure which domain will be punished under Google’s duplication rules. Even if you posted the content first, there is no telling if your site will be the one to be punished.

 14 – Secured shared host

You should really research into your web host when you sign up to purchase web space from them. You need a host that runs a secure and up to date server. You also need to make sure that they can handle high traffic situations and make sure that your website will not be down for more than 5% of the time. Otherwise, it will negatively affect your websites SEO.

 15 – Your other websites

You can interlink from your other websites, back and forth to your current website. It is a nice way of sharing the SEO value of each website, and it provides strong and lasting links because they are controlled by you.

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